Our headquarter

The Association's activities take place in what was the monumental part of the Aragonese Castle of Ischia, in particular in the Church of the Immaculate Conception, in the conventual part of the Castle and in the Cathedral of the Assumption.


The Aragonese Castle of Ischia, fortress since the 5th century BC, has undergone numerous dominations, reaching its maximum splendour first in the Angevin period and then the Renaissance under the Aragonese. On 8 June 1912, it was sold at auction by the state property office to a private individual, the lawyer Nicola Ernesto Mattera, who made it his residence and began a long series of restorations to the premise. With the death of Mr. Mattera, the Castle was inherited by his son Gabriele and his siblings. Today, Gabriele's children continue to live in the castle and oversee its restoration and enhancement also through the cultural association created in his memory.

The bookshop / Lo studio

The heart of the Association is now located in what was once the refectory of the Clarisse nuns of the Castle and which for 40 years has been the Gabriele Mattera's painting studio. In addition to the Association, today the space houses a gallery/bookshop with works by artists/craftsmen (jewellery, ceramics, sculptures, fabrics) personally selected by Anna Cristina Mattera, which stand out for the quality and originality of their creations.


It all began in the Church of the Immaculate Conception, which was restored by Gabriele Mattera who strongly aimed to promote contemporary art. With its white walls, it has welcomed the works of Italian and foreign artists with many memorable exhibitions over the last 40 years. Over time, the exhibitions held at the Castle have become increasingly site specific and have "invaded" other points full of charm and personality, such as the Cathedral of the Assumption with its underground noble crypt, the evocative cemetery of the Clarisse nuns and the panoramic terraces.